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How to start working with me? First of all, you can watch my portfolio and see the full series. If you like my style and we are thinking in the same direction, then it will be easy to speak a common language.

About Me

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Photo of me
Photo of me
Photo of me
Photo of me

I'm Anna, living in Paris, love jazz and good movies, travel a lot, full time professional photographer. Successful wedding and portrait photographer in Russia and abroad since 2007. Worked in Italy, Spain, France, Thailand, Cuba and Russia.

      2009, april - personal exhibition "Together on the Top Of The World", Academy of Photography

      2012, may - workshop with practice "Underwater photography"

You can see my travel stories and more photos in my blog http://anyaberkut.livejournal.com/.

Also, feel free to contact me by email - anyaberkut@gmail.com - in english or russian. If you are contacting me about work, please don't forget to write date, city and type of photosession.